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Pergolas Painting Wellington

Like most wooden structures and features in the outside spaces of your home or business, pergolas need to be regularly maintained. They need to be looked after to keep them looking attractive and cared for, plus they need maintenance to ensure the wood is protected from the weather conditions we frequently see here in Wellington.

After all, rain can cause as much damage to a pergola as it does to a fence, a deck, or any other wooden structure.

If you love your pergola and would like to restore it back to a great condition again, you need the pergolas painting service that we offer in Wellington and the surrounding area.

At Hoang Bach Painting, we handle any size of project. This means we can paint your pergola as part of a larger painting job, or you can get us in just to paint your pergola.

Either way, you’ll get an exceptional standard of workmanship completed by experienced and qualified painters. We always use high-quality paints too, ensuring long-lasting results.

To get a quote for pergolas painting in Wellington, and to book a painter, please contact us today.

Maintaining Outdoor Wooden Structures, Including Pergolas

The surfaces of the wooden structures in your outside spaces have to put up with a lot here in Wellington. This includes the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as rain, wind, humidity, and more.

Even if they were properly painted in the past, the paint will deteriorate over time. At best it will start to look faded. At worst it will start to crack and flake.

If the original painting job was poorly done with low-quality paints, this situation can arise sooner than you think.

The solution is to paint your outdoor wooden structures on a regular basis. This will keep them looking great, but it will also protect the wood itself.

Crucially, however, it’s not enough to simply get your paintbrush out with a fresh new tin of paint. The success of our pergolas painting service in Wellington is in the preparation. Preparation is one of the areas where we excel at Hoang Bach Painting.

Other painters will skip over the preparation part of a painting project, but we are different. In fact, we’ll probably spend more time preparing the surface of your pergola than we will painting it.

That preparation work includes stripping back the old paint, completing any minor repairs to the surface that are required, and then sanding everything down.

This gives us a smooth and clean surface to work on and ensures the new coat of paint that we apply can properly attach itself to the wood. The result is the best visual appearance possible, plus the paint will stand the test of time.

Expert Pergolas Painters in Wellington

Here are some of the things you can expect when you come to us at Hoang Bach Painting:

  • High-quality workmanship
  • Attention to detail
  • Expert knowledge of the wood types commonly used to build pergolas
  • High-quality pints
  • Trade discounts on paints
  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive prices

We offer no-obligation quotes too. Please contact us today on 021 0269 0901 to find out more about our pergolas painting services in Wellington.

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