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Paint Stripping Services in Wellington

At Hoang Bach Painting, we can strip all types of paint from the walls and ceilings of your home. We use a variety of techniques depending on the circumstances of the job as well as the latest technologies, materials, and paint stripping processes. Plus, the materials and solutions we use when delivering our paint stripping services in Wellington are all non-toxic.

All this ensures the best possible result. In other words, we’ll make sure your surfaces are paint free, smooth, and ready for decorating.

Each member of our team is a professional painter with years of experience working on a variety of different painting projects. This includes projects that require paint stripping services in the Wellington area, as well as projects that only involve stripping paint.

In fact, we are the local paint stripping experts. As a result, you can be sure of the best possible results. Call us today to find out more and to get a quote.

Certified and Qualified

We are fully certified at Hoang Bach Painting, and we have an excellent reputation in the industry. Customers choose us because of the quality of our services and the standard of workmanship that we deliver.

We work safely too. After all, there can be significant health risks associated with paint stripping. We follow industry best practice guidelines in addition to adhering to all relevant regulations to ensure our workers and your family are fully protected.

Our processes are well tried and tested, plus we regularly review them to identify areas where improvements can be made. In addition, each member of our team is fully trained on the health and safety issues that paint stripping presents.

The Benefits of Paint Stripping

It is often a temptation to skip over paint stripping when redecorating your Wellington home. Cowboy painters almost always skip the paint stripping element of redecorating projects.

However, it is advisable in most situations that you strip the paint on your walls and ceilings before painting with another coat. This is particularly important if the existing paint is lead-based, or if it is currently flaking, bubbling, or cracking.

Flaking, bubbling, and cracking paint can occur with the passage of time, however poor-quality workmanship by the previous painter can also cause the problem. The best solution is usually to strip the surface back to its original state before sanding. This will leave the best possible surface and will ensure the most durable and long-lasting result.

Paint Strippers in Wellington, Lower Hutt, and Upper Hutt

Here re some of the reasons you should choose us when you need paint stripping in Wellington:

  • We’ve seen it all so will be able to complete your project to the highest standards, whatever paint is on your walls and whatever the condition
  • The quality of our workmanship is excellent
  • We offer personal customer service and a commitment to ensuring you are 100 percent satisfied with the results
  • Our prices are competitive

Call now to speak to a member of our knowledgeable team about the paint stripping services you need in your Wellington home or business. Call now on 021 0269 0901.

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