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Fence Painting Wellington

Is your fence starting to look tired and uncared for? Would you like to change the appearance of your fence? Is the fence detracting from the overall aesthetics of your home or business? At Hoang Bach Painting, our fence painting services, which are available in Wellington and the surrounding area, are the solution.

We’ll fully prepare the surface of your fence to ensure the painting job is durable and long-lasting. We can even complete minor repairs if the fence has been damaged.

We’ll then professionally paint the fence. All our painters are trained, skill, and experienced, and we always use the best quality paints on the market. Furthermore, we specifically select paints that are most suitable for the climate we have here in Wellington.

Our objectives are to make your fence look fantastic again, to protect it from the elements, and to ensure the paint job lasts for as long as possible.

You’ll also get an affordable price when you choose us for your fence painting project in Wellington. Call today to discuss your requirements and to get a quote.

Looking After Your Fence

Even the best quality fencing materials need to be properly looked after and regularly maintained to ensure they look their best and to prevent them from becoming damaged or rotten.

Painting is one part of the job we do, but we’ll also fully prepare the paint surface before we break open the shiny new paint tin. In fact, we’ll probably spend more time preparing your fence for painting than we’ll spend actually painting.

The preparation process includes stripping back the existing paint, particularly any paint that is flaking or has become cracked or bubbled. We’ll then sand down the surface to make it smooth and to create the best possible bonding conditions for the paint.

We’ll then complete the painting part of the job, paying attention to details and ensuring our workmanship is of the highest possible standard.

Affordable Fence Painting Services in Wellington

Why should you choose us when you need fence painting services in Wellington? The affordability of our prices is one of the reasons we are the number one choice with our customers, but there are many other factors that make us stand out from the competition:

  • We never cut corners, we focus on details, and we take pride in quality workmanship
  • All our painters are experienced professionals
  • We’ll respect your home or business during the work, causing as little disruption as possible
  • Our teams are completely reliable so will turn up on time and will complete the painting work according to the agreed schedule
  • We work efficiently and we keep our work areas tidy, completely cleaning up at the end of each working day
  • You’ll get expert advice from our knowledgeable team on how best to look after your fence
  • Our services are flexible and adaptable to your needs

Please contact us today to arrange to get a quote. We can normally offer a fast turnaround on fence painting projects in Wellington, so call us today on 021 0269 0901.

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