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Exterior Painting

Do you want to give your home some curb appeal again? Our exterior painting services are the solution you have been looking for. We work to the highest standards, we work efficiently, and we keep our prices affordable. Contact the best exterior painters in Wellington now – Hoang Bach Painting.

All the painters on our team are trained and experienced professionals. This experience includes both residential and commercial exterior painting.

We are also fully certified, plus we offer a five-year guarantee on all our painting services.

The Importance of Exterior Painting

Our houses and commercial buildings are put through a lot here in Wellington. The rain, wind, humidity, and UV rays from the sun all take their toll. Over time, the paint on the exterior of your property will start to peel, crack, warp, and fade.

This can expose the raw material underneath, exposing it to water damage.

So, while there is an important aesthetic reason to get the exterior of your home painted (you will have the best-looking house on the street when you do), its an essential maintenance job as well.

Affordable Exterior Painting Services

At Hoang Bach Painting, you’ll get a team of exterior painters with extensive experience of painting homes and commercial properties in the Wellington area.

We make sure each job we do is done right first time, every time. We never cut corners, and we take pride in the high standards of work we deliver.

We always use high-quality paints as well. This ensures a long-lasting and durable finish.

To back this up, we also give you a five-year guarantee. Get in touch today for more information and to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Our Exterior Painting Process

We are leading exterior painters in Wellington providing exception workmanship and standards of service. We work safely, we’ll respect you and your property, and we work hard.

The process for painting the exterior of your property starts with preparation.

Preparation is the key to a high-quality, long-lasting exterior painting job. In fact, we spend considerably more time preparing the exterior surface of your property than we do painting it.

This preparation work includes cleaning the exterior surfaces and scraping away any paint that has come loose. We then sand the surface and fill any holes or cracks that have developed. This produces a better-quality finish, plus it seals the surface, protecting the structure of your home from water.

Our preparation work also involves treating any rust that has developed on exterior surfaces, and we will replace window putty as required.

Only at this point are we ready to get our paintbrushes out, but that doesn’t start with painting. First, we’ll apply a primer and an undercoat to ensure the best finish possible. Then we’ll apply the final finishing coat of paint.

Need Exterior Painters in Wellington? Get a Quote from Us Today

We have an excellent reputation as exterior painters in Wellington, we offer unrivalled standards of workmanship, and our customer service is excellent. These are just some of the reasons you should choose us at Hoang Bach Painting.

Our prices are affordable too. Please contact us today on 021 0269 0901 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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